Shelf Life and Storage

Haapi Natural Products Shelf Life
Our products are made largely with natural ingredients with the minimum amount of preservatives needed for product integrity. All ingredients used in our formulations are of natural origin with as minimal processing as possible. Our products have a shelf life of a minimum of 9 months unopened, and 2-3 months from opening. Most products will be usable for longer, however their quality may deteriorate. To avoid disappointment, please start using your products as soon as possible after purchase and keep them away from sun or heat. Please avoid overstocking - just like with fresh food, you are best buying only what you are likely to use within a few months. minimal preservatives or chemicals substances. such as parabens or phthalates.

Haapi Natural Products Storage
All products are checked carefully before packaging and shipping to the customer. We cannot be held responsible for product deterioration due to incorrect storage conditions, such as exposure to direct sunlight, heat, freezing, or other extremes. The customer should ensure that the products are kept in cool and dry conditions, and hands are washed before removing product from the jar to minimize the risk of product deterioration due to external contamination.