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Return Policy

Return Policy

Returning Opened Items
We cannot accept returns or exchanges of open products due to health concerns. Haapi Products is a small company that maximizes our affordability to our customers by keeping our margins low. Ultimately, the cost of returned items is passed to the customer. Corporations mark up their products to absorb expenses related to advertising, returned items and other overhead to operate their business. We have taken a proactive approach to control cost. We actively work with the customer to reach a resolution to minimize the cost of returns. Haapi Products carefully screen all products and rely on feed back from our customers about our products. In turn, we are able to eliminate any recurring issues and keep our prices affordable.

Returning Unopened Items

You can return the product if you have purchased multiples of an item that you do not like or if you have changed your mind before trying a product.

The procedure is: 

Please call or write us with the specific complaint about the product.  Often time, we can help you figure out how to use it properly and it might not need to be returned. We will reply with instructions on how to get the product back to us and get your credit. After receiving our reply, return the product to us along with your receipt and/or order number. Once we receive the product, we will issue the credit for the purchase amount of the product.

Things you should be aware of: 

We will gladly replace a defective product. You pay the shipping to return the product (any method you choose as long as we receive it). We do not give credit for the shipping charge. Credit is given once we receive the product. If the returned items drop your order total below the free shipping level, we will withhold $8.95 from the product refund to pay for shipping. If you have any questions or concerns about our Return Policy, please call us at 972.707.0777 or send us an email.

Shipments returned as “undeliverable”

Sometimes a customer will give us an address for delivery that the Post Office or UPS cannot deliver to. If your address is incomplete or otherwise incorrect, your package may be returned to us.  If this happens, the order is considered “returned” and the policy outlined above applies.

Unclaimed Shipments

It is very important to look for your package after we have shipped it.  Your package should arrive within approximately a week after being shipped.  We advise all customers to check with the carrier (or Post Office) if it has been a week or more since your package shipped. Sometimes, the Post Office will say they have left a notice and the customer reports she has not gotten one. We email a notice when the package is shipped so that you have the delivery confirmation or tracking information. Please contact the carrier (or Post Office), not Haapi Products. UPS will typically make several attempts to contact you.  The Post Office will usually only make one attempt.  After a period of time, unclaimed packages are returned to the sender (us).  If packages are not claimed and are returned to us, the same policy applies to items returned as undeliverable(see above).

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