The Story Behind Haapi

Inspired by the desire to provide better quality, natural skin and hair care products, Haapi Products was founded in 2013. Our healthy, all-natural products are all about letting you nurture your hair and skin, affordably, while still giving you the look, feel and manageability you want.

We are a minority-owned business. Our products address the needs of a variety of skin and hair types.

Haapi Natural Pomade is especially helpful in managing, maintaining and supporting growth of curly, coily, natural hair, and hair that is dry, coarse, chemically treated or in need of nurturing and strengthening. We often hear from our customers about how they use our products, and we've heard our pomade is used as beard balm, hair styler, eyebrow tamer, dry skin rescuer and tattoo reviver. Tell us what you find out works for you!

Haapi Natural Body Crème nourishes, moisturizes and replenishes skin, leaving it hydrated, supple and silky smooth. 17 Essential botanicals come together for the ultimate natural solution for dry and extremely dry skin. Haapi rich body cream restores balance, and natural antioxidants repair and protect skin against the damage of free radicals, UV rays, environment and aging. Use this luscious cream all over your body and as your go-to anti-aging moisturizer. 

If you are new to Haapi Products, welcome! We're so excited for you to experience Haapi. If you are a long-time Haapi customer, we thank you for your support, and we promise to continue to deliver the highest quality products with the same care and integrity for which you know us.

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