How To Choose The Best Hair Care Products For Yourself

How To Choose The Best Hair Care Products For Yourself

You probably are frowning at your hair while reading this.  They are one part of our body that do not work on their own. Our hair do not grow faster and stronger unless nourished, nor do they spike up on their own. They get frizzy when you want them to look formal, sleek and straight and become flat when you crave for volume. Sometimes they get dry and brittle, while sometimes you can fry fish in the oil they generate!

Honestly, our hair would become unmanageable if salons and hair care products did not exist. We all consistently need to go for a haircut, hair spa, hair treatment and use the right products according to our needs. However, with so many products available in the market, how do you choose the right ones for ourselves?

Today, we are going to talk about five hair care products, their functions and when to use them, and how to select the best one.


1. Gels

The reason for gels to exist in this world, ladies and gentlemen, is to keep the hair stationary. When applied to wet hair, gels hold your hair in shape, adding extra shine (yaaassss!). Gels come in various consistencies- from light to strong. If you want your hair to be shaped in a particular way with stiffness, go for the strong ones. However, if you want manageable hair that remain in place and emphasize waviness, a lighter gel would do the job.

However, take note that some gels might produce white flakes if you brush hair after the hair are gelled and dried. So try your product before using it at the last moment!


2. Hair Wax

Hair wax has recently stepped into the world of better hair. It is an amazingly versatile product that sets every possible hairstyle. From the messiest bed head looks to well-set structured styles, hair wax can also have matt or shiny looks as per its category. It is applied to hair, either dry or damp, to define and control selected areas for a specific style. For a spiky haircut, waxes look the best.

However, hair wax is recommended for straight or slightly wavy hair. It will clump up in curly hair- so if you have curly hair, avoid the wax unless you want a bird to nest on your head. Hair wax is also more reliable for the ‘always confused’ people, as unlike gels, it allows you to restyle hair after application. So you can always look stylish when you hit the bar straight from office!


3. Creams

When you want to add an extra shine to your hair without compromising on their natural look, creams are your saviors! These are ideal for thick, curly hair and may probably contain moisturizing ingredients like olive oil, silk amino acids or chamomile. It is one of the best hair care products to tame those flyaway hairs without adding stiffness or greasiness. If you have dry and dull hair, a hair cream will work best for you.


 4. Pomade

Hair pomades define your hair like no other hair care product can! Originally, pomades were made from mineral oils. However, today, many types of pomade are water-based, which makes it easy to distribute and wash off later.

This is like a heaven made product that smoothens the hair out, making hair soft and shiny. (Is there anything else you can ask for?) A pomade is creamier than wax, so for those curly haired beauties who got disappointed by reading point no. 2, pomades are meant for you!

Check out the Haapi Natural Pomade. It is infused with Shea Butter, Mango, Carrot and Avocado, along with other essential natural oil to promote strength, shine and softness. Another benefit is that the Haapi Natural Pomade is excellent for hands and feet as well! Ladies, take note of this dreamy product.

5. Serum

A serum is also known as gloss or polish or a smoothing fluid. With a smooth consistency, it is a quick fix to tame frizzy hair. Serums also add a silky effect through the different oils they consist. If you have long, brittle or dry hair, a few drops of serum is exactly what you need for a quick fix. A serum is one of those magical hair care products that fix your hair perfectly but for a temporary amount of time.


The type of product that will suit you the best always depends on the length and texture of your hair. If you have short and fine hair, waxes and strong gels will help you achieve a spiky hairstyle. With longer hair, you will have more options depending on how much volume you want to add. When you have thin hair, avoid heavier products, like creams and non-water based pomades as these will weigh your hair down.

Another tip to use hair care products is to always rub some amount of product in your palm and apply it instead of slapping it on your head and then rubbing it. Also, if you mess up while applying, don’t panic, it is all washable!