7 Genius Ways To Use A Natural Body Lotion- Happi Natural Body Crème

7 Genius Ways To Use A Natural Body Lotion

A natural body lotion is one of the necessities of a healthy skin care routine. It not only helps in hydrating the skin but also makes it soft and silky. It is one product that is your best friend through all seasons. In winters, it retains moisture preventing skin from going dry, so you don’t experience any itching and irritation through your day. In summers, it helps to keep your skin soft and plump. Using a natural body lotion is one of the best ways to ensure that your skin gets the nourishment it requires!

But did you know that a natural body lotion can do much more than simply hydrating scaly body parts? Today, we will see the multiple benefits of the Haapi Natural Body Crème.


1. It acts as an emergency makeup remover.

A natural body lotion can help you get rid of the plastered makeup that makes you look perfect throughout the day. A moisturizer will melt off the makeup while moisturizing your skin. Just take a blob of the Haapi natural body crème in your palm and rub it on your face. Use a tissue and wipe out your face. Then use a gentle face wash to remove all the products from your face. Your skin is fresh as new!


2. It acts like a shaving crème.

You must be facing the emergency shaving need a lot of times, and during one of those times, you might have run out of shaving crème. It is one of the most dreaded situations!

No shaving crème, time crunch, and a hairy body- they all seem like a nightmare. Here, our natural body lotion comes to rescue! Just apply the cream instead of a shaving crème before using a razor and feel the smooth, silky skin!


3. It acts as a leave-in conditioner.

When your hair doesn’t seem to set correctly, and you have no time to rush to a salon, use a natural body lotion. Massage a tiny amount of the body lotion on frizzy ends of your hair and you’re all good to go. This quick hack will save you from those terrible fashion disasters you’ve been facing all this while!


4. It is a budget body scrub.

When it’s the end of a month, and you are running out of cash and a body scrub, get hold of your savior- the Haapi natural body crème! To use it as a body scrub, you need only one more ingredient, and that is ground coffee (rice grains also do the job). Mix it with your lotion and apply it like a scrub over your body. Unlike regular body scrubs, after the rinse, your skin will not feel dry. The lotion will help in exfoliation as well as hydration.


5. It acts as a cuticle softener!

Don’t have time for a manicure and pedicure? Don’t worry, be Haapi! All you need to do is combine the Haapi natural body crème with olive oil and mix it well. Now use the concoction to dry cuticles and retain the moisture, leaving hands and feet looking beautiful like you’ve just walked out of a salon!


6. It acts as a sexy body balm.

When you have to go to a party or a romantic date but are running short of the body balm, use your natural body lotion. Bring in a sexy sheen on your arms and legs by mixing a small amount of golden eyeshadow powder with your cream and apply it to your body. There you have it- A quick and long lasting sexy body balm that will make all heads turn!


7. Use it as an instant foot mask.

Just before you hit the bed, apply a generous amount of your natural body lotion on your feet and massage it thoroughly. Now wear socks to lock in moisture. As you get good sleep, your feet will get the required nourishment that will prevent the skin from cracking or drying. Wake up to baby soft feet the next day!


Now that you know so many ways, you can use the Haapi natural body crème apart from using it just as a body lotion! With Haapi products, say hello to beautiful skin!